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Fathom Wealth Management Advisors Ltd (Fathom WMA Ltd) is a Cyprus Investment Firm authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under the license number 306/16. Our clients benefit from a boutique investment firm that provides creative and alternative investment advice.

We apply a combination of traditional financial principles and modern investment know-how. We are committed to serve the needs of our clients, whether individual or corporate, by offering innovative investment solutions and bespoke deal structuring in an objective, efficient and transparent way.

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Open architecture

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Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals with extensive experience in both local and international markets, and backgrounds in asset management, the private banking sector and the hedge funds industry.

Our knowledge of the market, our proven ability to build solid relationships with private and corporate clients, and our extensive knowledge of an often unfathomable industry are the credentials that explain our continued success.


Our company is continually seeking to add ambitious professionals to its team. By joining our team, a new member can enjoy:

  • excellent remuneration stake
  • fantastic working environment

The ideal candidate is a professional with a strong background in private banking and/or wealth management, and the ability to both launch business initiatives on their own and secure assets already under management, with the backing of a well-established firm.


Should you meet the above criteria and be interested in discussing the possibility of working with us, you can contact us at: info@fathomwma.com


  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Responsibility


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| Portfolio Management

| Investment Advice

| Global equity coverage

| Investment advice in IPO and Private Equity funds

| In-depth research from multiple sources and institutions


| Reception and transmission of orders in relation to financial instruments

| Quantitative investment strategies

| Access to open architecture portfolio management

| Bond portfolio structuring

| Access to innovative products


Asset Management

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Wealth Structuring

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Private Access

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Corporate Solutions

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Clients need an advisor that can speak their language, is always available and offers advice acting at the best interest of them. In our company we build long-lasting relationships with our clients and understand the responsibility of coordinating of their global wealth. We are bona fide portfolio managers and investment advisors offering personalized services.

legal entities

Apart from individuals, legal entities such as SMEs also need recognizing, quantifying and managing their risks through professional investment and portfolio management. Our people can work closely with the CFOs, CEOs and directors of the companies and offer the appropriate advice and solutions.

shipping companies

Due to the nature of their business and transactions, shipping companies can be considered as high-net-worth individuals. Such companies, especially the smaller ones, are in need of FX transactions, hedging, Asset & Liability and treasury management. As such, we treat them as a hybrid of individuals and legal entities, and we are actively seeking to do business in this challenging and promising area.

The Cypriot company PKK Partners Consulting Ltd, with registration number HE364394, is a tied agent of our company. As per the provisions of the Tied Agent Agreement established between PKK Partners Consulting Ltd and our company on 23/08/2018 and is intended to last for an indefinite period of time, the tied agent shall be providing the following services to our company:

The office of the tied agent is located at 3 Kyriakou Kolokasi, 4th floor, Office 403, 1082, Nicosia, Cyprus.


| Marketing and promotion

| Customer support

| Introductory services



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Fathon Contact Us
For submitting a complaint please send us an email to complaints@fathomwma.com . For any other matter please send us an email to info@fathomwma.com or send your enquiry here:


  • Our Office Address

    42-44, Griva Digeni Avenue, Nicosia 1096, Cyprus

  • Our Phone Number

    +357 22 898610

  • Write As At


Wealth Structuring

Fathom WMA uses its extensive market and research knowledge to provide you with a clear added value. Our experienced professionals are committed to understanding your particular situation and specific needs, and they will work closely with you and your consultants to create customized solutions, integrating administrative and lifestyle management services with wealth and investment strategies.
A complete personal service, we look not only at investment needs, but also at your personal circumstances, investment horizon & risk appetite. We work with you in preserving your wealth, maintaining its purchase power & increasing it through a risk controlled environment.

Asset Management

The provision of advisory asset management services is a significant field of operation for Fathom WMA. Through our strategic collaborations, we are able to use a wide range of investment instruments and provide the ideal combination of investment products and advisory services in order to achieve the goals you set.
With our comprehensive, consultative approach, we develop an awareness of your financial circumstances and tailor an approach to suit your needs, according to your risk-and-return objectives. Our investment advisors will help you consider your entire investment profile and will design an asset allocation that aligns with your specific needs, goals, time horizon, and risk-and-reward expectations.
Fathom WMA provides a close monitoring of your portfolio, a reliable and comprehensive risk analysis of your assets and expertise in navigating complex markets.
In addition, the company does not hold clients’ assets/funds thus creates transparency, adds safety and minimizes the risk of the client.


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Fathom WMA operates with strict confidentiality rules that request non-disclosure from any third party of the information provided by our client within the framework of professional secrecy and on the basis of applicable laws and regulations.



It is vitally important for us to gain and keep our client’s confidence. To ensure that, we are open and upfront about our procedures and processes, our direct and indirect costs, and about any and every risk involved.



Fathom WMA is an independent firm, 100% privately owned and managed. Our senior management team members are also partners in the company. Being privately owned allows us to be independent in our thinking as well as in our investment decisions. There are no externally-set goals to meet and no head-office sales targets to achieve. Our independence enables us to make exclusively client-oriented choices and gives us the freedom to choose from the products, execution and custodian services of a range of leading financial institutions.



Our clients are unique. We tailor portfolios and adapt services to specific needs with a wide range of solutions for private and corporate clients. We meticulously monitor market developments and respond immediately to changing situations, ensuring our wealth management solutions help our clients realize their unique financial goals in line with their risk appetite.

Open Architecture

Committing to a realistic open architecture is the key for serving today’s increasingly sophisticated investors and high-net-worth individuals. To this end, Fathom WMA uses investment products in all risk profiles, providing access to tradable securities.

Corporate Solutions

While recognizing your liquidity constraints of your treasury department, we work with you in enhancing the investment return you enjoy on your working capital. Furthermore, we work with you in recognizing and quantifying your foreign exchange, interest rate and other risks and we suggest solutions in mitigating such risks.

Private Access

Many successful companies with proven track records are in need of financing in order to expand or implement a specific project. Fathom WMA gives access to private placements and provides with investment opportunities. We can assist our clients in finding private, short- to medium-term placements which serve as an alternative investment tool in our portfolio management.