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Asset Management



Our Advisory Asset Management is suited to clients who wish to be actively involved in each investment decision or who wish to follow the transition of their portfolio more closely. Any portfolio changes are subject to a client’s prior approval. Should you choose this service, a personal investment manager will be assigned to you. He or she will advise you on investments and cover any further requirements you may have.​

Our experienced professionals will assist you in making all final decisions in accordance with your objectives. We offer a proactive approach and make recommendations in each asset class following detailed analysis which will be communicated to you on a regular basis. In addition, you will receive regular reviews and input regarding every aspect of your portfolio.​

You will benefit from utilizing safe custody services by established banking institutions and investment platforms at very competitive pricing. Fathom, also, produces consolidated valuations on a monthly basis or ad hoc. 


Our Discretionary Portfolio Management allows clients to take full benefit of Fathom’s investment knowledge and experience. In such mandates, Fathom is responsible for the decision-making and offers clients periodic reviews on the evolution of their portfolios.​ 

Our team constantly monitors portfolios and positioning as the investment outlook can change rapidly. Fathom makes alterations to investment portfolios when required and always in line with each client’s objectives and profile. 

Within the Discretionary Portfolio Management, we offer two discretionary portfolios: one investing in mutual funds, stocks, and bonds and the other investing solely in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), always with respect to each client’s investment risk profile. In addition, clients receive a comprehensive review of their portfolio on a monthly basis.​

Our clients benefit from utilizing safe custody services by strong and solid banking institutions and investment platforms at very competitive pricing.  We apply competitive pricing even in discretionary asset management versus our peers.​

We are very proud of being able to provide a personal, approachable service and therefore clients can discuss their discretionary investment portfolio at any time with our Portfolio Management team.

Email us if you'd like to have access to our discretionary portfolio for one month.

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