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Asset Management

At Fathom we combine traditional and innovative asset management strategies by collaborating with financially healthy custodian banks and international financial platforms. Highly recognized and reliable international custodian banks and international financial institutions provide our clients with financial security, while financial platforms offer competitive pricing and state-of-the-art digital technologies. 


Our mission is to help our clients manage and protect their wealth. After taking into consideration an investor’s profile, we draw up a financial plan and secure funding in order to protect and further bolster the client’s portfolio value. 

This we achieve by investing strictly in traditional, well-established products with high liquidity, using the most efficient modern technologies.  

Fathom guarantees transparency and strengthens customer safety, as we do not hold clients’ assets/funds.  


Wealth Structuring

Our Wealth Management is designed to deliver flexibility, control, and the maximum level of choice to our clients for the growth, preservation, protection, and transfer of their private wealth. 

Our team, located in Luxembourg and Cyprus, appraises the risk exposure of the assets owned or targeted for acquisition and identifies the most appropriate structures, taking into consideration all the legal and reporting obligations. 

Our advisers ensure you have access to the information, analysis, insights, and investment opportunities that provide the foundations for successful wealth outcomes over the longer term. 

We provide a complete personal service by combining Wealth Structuring and Private Banking, making a unique difference to your family’s wealth.

Fathom’s third-party/external consultants can assist you with:

  • Tax Structuring, Inheritance Planning, and Administration (SICAV, SPF, Family advisory)

  • Concierge & Redomiciliation

  • Wealth Consolidation and Dedicated Reporting

  • Investment and Life Insurance Inheritance


Real Asset Exposure

Real assets, such as real estate and infrastructure provide a fast-growing and increasingly diverse range of investment opportunities. Benefits include stable cash flows, diversification, resistance to inflationary effects, and competitive rates of appreciation.

Contact us for more information on how we can help build up your Real Asset Exposure by financing your needs, establishing real estate funds, or undertaking merger and acquisition projects.


Corporate Solutions

At Fathom, we partner with our corporate clients to manage treasury operations and create for them added opportunities and value. Implementing the right asset management solutions can help your corporation better administer your organization’s financial assets or fund new business ventures, expansions, or acquisitions.

Our 360-degree approach is designed to create a tailor-made asset allocation model that applies your corporation’s specific investment objectives, cash flow, and FX requirements, taking into consideration your corporation’s risk tolerance and time horizon, in order to strengthen treasury operation discipline, cash flow requirements and long-term profitability.

Mergers and acquisitions consume an enormous amount of time and resources. It is vital that you engage the correct partner to assist you through the process. Get in touch with us* to find out how we can provide you with a seamless service through our expert consultants.

Leave an Effective Inheritance

How will the next generation use your wealth? 

Money magazine reports on several studies that show “70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, and a stunning 90% by the third.” Further, 78% of high-net-worth individuals believe “the next generation is not financially responsible enough to handle inheritance.” Additionally, your children and grandchildren will be living in an environment with completely new challenges and pressures.

Let us help. We can team up an expert financial advisor with a specialist estate planning consultant to educate your children in investments now and how to best oversee their inheritance later. 


Here is our method:

1. In groups of max 3, your children are educated on the macroeconomic and financial environment, investment products, and trends by our experts.

2. They pass a short oral test to clarify the theory and practice.

3.  They open an account on an investment platform with highly competitive pricing and deposit a small amount between 10 – 20K EUR.

4. Prior to investing, our team of investment managers will take the time to ensure they fully understand their financial situation and investment objectives as well as investment restrictions and the time horizon for investing. 

5. Following this, each child sets up an investment portfolio following investment trends and asset allocation models.

6. Once invested, each child monitors their investments together with their investment consultants.


​This educational model can be applied to college students as well as young people starting their careers.

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