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Fathom's WMA Corporate Event

Fathom WMA and UBS collaborated to host a corporate event for their clientele, where they introduced Mr. Paul Donovan, the Chief Economist of UBS Wealth Management, and Mr. D. Guggenheim, responsible for Business Development & Strategy for Financial Intermediaries in EMEA and APAC.

During the event, Mr. Paul Donovan provided insights on the macroeconomic environment in Europe, the US, and the EM, discussing topics such as inflation, growth, and the scenario of a soft landing. He also analyzed a potential outcome of the upcoming US elections, the significant influence of AI on the global landscape, and the pivot policy of Central Banks to data dependence.


The event concluded with a discussion between the Chief Economist of UBS and Fathom’s CIO, A Tavlaridis, on key developments in the financial, economic, and geopolitical areas. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the Chief Economist personally to address their queries.


We extend our gratitude to all participants for making the event in Athens a successful and memorable one.

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